Family Law Attorney Tiffany LUNN OF LUNN LAW LLC

​​Every legal matter involving Attorney Tiffany Lunn and Lunn Law LLC begins with a signed written agreement and the payment of a retainer or flat rate fee. Retainer cases are billable in accordance with legal services provided. All services in retainer cases are billable and incur costs.  Technically, all services rendered should be set out in an easily understandable fashion. Retainer cases and flat fee cases are completely different when it comes to how payments are made.  Flat fee payments are generally for uncontested matters, document review and document preparation only and are a one-time payment unless other arrangements are made. Attorney Lunn does not have a flat fee billing arrangement for uncontested cases.

When involved in a constested case, status reports are provided whenever there is substantial attorney activity taking place or work product being produced.

Attorney Tiffany Lunn assists pro-se litigants on a limited basis with document review and document preparation.  She understands everyone cannot afford to pay for a contested or uncontested case.  

Routinely Attorney Tiffany Lunn receives calls, voicemails and emails regarding cases that she does not handle. Such cases include theft (stolen money or property), traffic tickets, DUI, and criminal domestic violence cases. All emails sent to Attorney Tiffany Lunn automatically receive an auto-reply of when an email reply or phone call should be anticipated.  

Aside from the normal case format of uncontested or contested cases, if you need assistant with document preparation or document review, call Attorney Tiffany Lunn at Lunn Law LLC at 770-492-2974.

What are realistic expectations of Attorney Tiffany Lunn and Lunn Law LLC ?

Attorney Tiffany Lunn