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​​​​​Oftentimes, Attorney Tiffany Lunn of Lunn Law LLC has seen in divorce cases that husband and wife feel scammed or ripped off by the other or an immense fear that they will be.  They feel like they were sold one thing and got another with their marriage. Good years begin to blend together and sometimes all that is remembered is the bad. Attorney Tiffany Lunn hears frequently that the other party falsely represented themselves during courtship then showed another side after marriage.  Sometimes, the husband or wife report that they knew from the beginning but thought they could change their partner’s shady or unscrupulous behavior. People do not walk or run into marriage looking for it to end.

The bottom line in the divorce process is that unless husband and wife agree there is no quick exit.  Contested Divorces are like a rebuttal dance back and forth. Each party will likely file paperwork, engage in various attorney activity back and forth, file motions, and multiple attempts at settlement may be made before final hearing or settlement. No matter what firm is hired it may take months and sometimes over a year for your matter to be finalized. Sometimes, stall tactics are imploded to prolong the case for one reason or another.  One party may resent or contest the submission or his or her financial records. So many things even outside of the purview of the parties and more infrequently the attorneys could come up as the case advances. Every divorce is different. It's natural to compare your divorce with another person's divorce.  However, in the overall scheme of things doing so is like comparing apples and oranges.

Before Attorney Tiffany Lunn or the law firm of Lunn Law LLC is hired by a client, and sometimes even at the initial consultation, she poses the question of whether husband and wife have sought to repair their marriage. Attorney Lunn thinks its questionable law practice not to do so because the divorce process should be one not entered into lightly. She is genuinely concerned about whether divorce is the answer for each couple.  It is her goal that each client once again feel that they are the author of the next chapter of their life. For some it is clear and for others it is quite cloudy.  However, Attorney Tiffany Lunn seeks to be a positive influence and legal voice in what might be  a highly negative and toxic dissolution of marriage.

​​​Attorney Tiffany Lunn On Divorce
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Attorney Tiffany Lunn of Lunn Law LLC represents mother and fathers attempting to get custody of their son, daughter or multiple children. Attorney Tiffany Lunn believes it is an attorney’s duty to always remember they are officers of the court first.  Therefore, serious questions should be asked when advocating for or against one parent having custody over the other.  Preferably this should be done to some extent before accepting a retainer or becoming the attorney of record on a case.  All questions, of course, can’t be answered until the case is underway.  However, it is Attorney Lunn’s belief that the best interest of the child should prevail.

Attorney Tiffany Lunn frequently hears complaints that child support was incorrectly calculated in their particular case when that person did not have representation in the given case.  This is why it is so important to get legal help with an initial child support action and any child support modification to facilitate an accurate calculation.  It is vital to question any bogus or trumped-up expenses that the other party may be claiming or attempting to get credit for so that fairness can be achieved. It is equally as important to know what expense matter regarding child support and which ones don’t.

Child support cases sometimes has the payor feeling like support payments are highway robbery or free money to the recipient. The payor sees child support as some arbitrary amount that they have to pay. The brand of a “dead-beat father” or “dead-beat mother” can be placed upon someone when it is not at all accurate.  Sometimes, the father or mother did not understand the process or the extent of his or her obligation. Paying child support is a serious matter and making sure the right amount is paid timely and pursued timely when late is important for a party’s legal rights and outcome.